Eating healthy heals more than your body.

- Liz, Santosha Nutrition


Liz Murphy, Founder

Liz is a plant-based nutrition coach and vegan chef. Her passion for food, the environment and healthy habits has led her to develop knowledge and skills to assist herself and others on a path to optimum happiness.

Her own struggles have led Liz on a continual journey of experimentation and discovery. Battling numerous food allergies and physical issues over the last 10 years, Liz has learned to utilize food to heal and nourish her body and soul. Studying hospitality at Northern Arizona University, Liz was able to develop her passion for an industry focused on helping others.

For 8 years, Liz has worked in restaurants and hotels, while developing her knowledge of food and nutrition through personal exploration, studies and guidance from industry professionals. Traveling to Asia, South America and other areas outside of the United States, she has observed and built an appreciation for various cultures’ use of food. Liz earned a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell University’s Center for Nutrition Studies and a Nutrition and Healthy Living Certificate within the same program.

Santosha Nutrition was founded from a simple idea: eating more plants can change the world.


Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, eCornell University 2018

Nutrition & Healthy Living Certificate, eCornell University 2019

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