Frequently Asked Questions


Why should i eat more plants?

There are three reasons someone is interested in eating a more plant-heavy diet; personal health, environmental consciousness, and love of animals. Including more plants in your diet will drastically improve your health today and for the future. Increased intake of animal products is not only detrimental to our bodies, but also to the environment. 

do i have to become a vegan?

Of course not! Your diet is your choice. Santosha Nutrition is here to provide information and guide you on your own journey. I don't expect everyone utilizing my services to cut out all animal products, but it is my goal to teach you how to find the food choices that are best for you and for the planet. And how to embody these three words: EAT MORE PLANTS.

how do i even start?

Making the decision to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables can be difficult - especially because most people don't know where to start. That's why I'm here to offer guidance, cooking courses and resources for you!